Automotive Coatings


In 1908, Henry Ford famously claimed, “customers can get the Model T painted in any color he wants—as long as it’s black!” This was largely due to the absence of a true automotive coating product back then. Ford would layer several coats of paint on each vehicle to ensure durability, but this labor-intensive process was a significant bottleneck in his manufacturing process. How times have changed…

Car Painting

Over the years, we have seen vast improvements from where the automotive coatings industry started. We have watched the industry evolution from lacquers to acrylic enamels, to solvent bases and clears, and recently many are transitioning to water-based products. As technology improved, so did drying times, application labor, all-weather durability, depth and gloss, as well as color match (ask about our spectrophotometer color readers).

Today, we offer the latest technologies and equipment from leading brands such as PPG, AkzoNobel, Valspar, and Debeer.

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