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Why use water based paints?

Water based paints are safer for you and the environment, and it has excellent color matching capabilities.

Am I limited in water based options?

No! we carry 4 different water based lines. You will never feel like you have limited options here at Palmetto Paint Specialties!

Is water based paint better?

That is for you to decide! Here at Palmetto Paint Specialties, we believe in our water based lines, but we also know that there is no one tool that can do every job. We offer a wide array of traditional paint lines as well, if you decide that water based is not for you.

Founded in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, Palmetto Paint Specialties is not just about making the easiest dollar. We also care about the environment around us, and that is why we are proud to provide environmentally friendly paint options as well. We offer four different water based paint lines (PPG Envirobase, Sikkens Waterborne, Lesonal WB, and Permahyd Hi-Tec,) as well as paper products made from recycled materials.

Waterborne paints generate 25% less pollutants than their traditional counterpart. It greatly reduces the impact on the air quality in and around the shop where it is being used, and is made with less solvents to create a cleaner paint. Your quality is never compromised; waterborne paints help you match color easier, and provide a nice, full coverage finish to leave every job looking spectacular. Try waterborne paints today to make your next job even cleaner and safer, for you and the environment!

Here at Palmetto Paint Specialties, we have been selling waterborne paint for 15+ years. It is a staple for many of our clients, and comprises roughly 35% of our total sales. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service, and the environment around us with the best service, too.

A shelf in our Charleston location showcasing a handful of our PPG Envirobase products.

We are eager to earn your business and ensure that you will always have the supplies and tools needed to get the job done on time and on budget! Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.